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There is no way you can download and install Sheriff SQL yourself. You need our support and expertise. We will do it for you. Installing and setting up the server software requires specialist knowledge and must be done exactly right.

We do not need to travel. We can be on your computer within minutes from now! We do this using a special version of TeamViewer 8 to remotely control a computer in your office. Once we have established a remote connection with your computer we can:

  • Install, and configure a new Sheriff SQL installation
  • Do on screen training by showing you how to do things
  • Fix problems on your computer
support service

You need to...
Download our Support Software. No installation required.
When download completes simply run the file to allow us to establish a remote connection to your computer.

Click this button once only...

This is a safe download. This file was issued by the creators of TeamViewer.
There are no royalties or any other monies payable because we are licensed TeamViewer users.

If the support software has already been downloaded and you need our support, you must...
Ensure you are connected to the Internet then launch prosoftwaresupport.exe. Phone us on 082 565 0258 during normal working hours.

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