Features Of Sheriff SQL

User friendly, rock solid software to administer the office of any Sheriff in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
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Standard Features
This is a 50 user system.
A default installation is 1 x server and 1 x user and 1 x district. You can add more users (up to 49) as and when the need arises. You can link as many workstations to the server as required via your local network.
  • Installation and setup done by Pro Systems support via remote connection.
  • Free training via remote connection.
  • Free support via remote connection.
Districts Up to six districts per installation. The best way to explain this is that six Sheriffs can run their offices using one server, or one Sheriff can have five ad hoc districts, each being a stand alone entity with unique debtors, cases, reports etc.
Help System Local help is context sensitive. This means that when you use help from the active window, use will get help on that window. Detailed help on every window and function. Can be printed, thus creating an operating manual, but this can be many pages long. Much better to use it when required, and where required.
Security A supervisor controls security. This supervisor allocates names and passwords, enables or disables user accounts, and sets access privileges. The supervisor can allow/disallow users the use of certain windows and functions depending on that user's job task, level of seniority, and trustworthiness.
Security Log Logs detail of user activities using exact date/time, activity performed and detail of what was done. Can keep logs for up to 90 consecutive days. Critical actions such as where cases are deleted, payments are deleted etc. are kept forever and can't be trimmed out of the log.
Email The sending of emails is subject to operator permission settings. Send secure email directly out of Sheriff SQL to an SMTP server of your choice. Supports GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo SMTP servers.
Bar Code Scanner Support for bar code scanners reading code 39 bar codes, which are printed on registration slips and optionally on returns as well.
SMS In order to be able to send SMS's you need to open an account and purchase credits with an Internet based company called WinSMS. They can be sent from many places in the system. The sending of SMS's is subject to permission settings.
Codes Although you can use them if you so wish, you do not need to know any codes or account numbers of any nature. Wherever a code or account number is required you are provided with a list, drop list, or a Window for visual selection. Codes are then passed in the background. This is a very powerful feature of this software and makes it extremely user friendly.
Finding Cases The extremely powerful Search window allows you to find specific cases quickly. It's a pleasure to use because its very visual - and fast. This window is used in all the places within the system where a specific case must be pointed to, like when you want to make a new return etc.
Deputies Unlimited. Add new deputies as and when required.
Debtor Accounts Unlimited. Add new debtor accounts as and when required.
Three type of accounts are supported:
  1. Magistrate's Court
  2. High Court
  3. Combined
A special setting enables the 'Balance Brought Forward' feature whereby balances from other software can be easily brought forward whilst the debtor account is being opened. Defining and changing debtor accounts is subject to permission settings.
Number Of Cases Unlimited. As long as there is hard disk space.
Registration of new cases Unlimited. Add/edit/delete cases and print slips. Also issue lists and lookout functions. Option to print a document when a specific type of case is used. Option to send a complimentary email notification.
Full house editing of all components of a return. Creating and changing returns is subject to permission settings.
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface.
  • Correct faulty registration data as part of making a new return.
  • Return content editing supports Rich Text Format such as bold, italic, underline, fonts, font size and font colour. This can optionally be disabled.
  • Visually select pre defined words from the words indexer () or type them yourself or combine both methods. What you see on the screen is what you get. Pre defined words can contain place markers where data such as party titles, names, type of case and many more can be embedded when those words are used in your return content.
  • Inventories can be inserted into the words.
  • Return content has no maximum length. You can therefore create multiple page returns.
  • Supports any twelve cost items from user definable cost description list.
  • Supports user defined cost groups. A cost group contains twelve pre defined cost items. Cost groups can be bound to a type of case. When making a return that uses that type of case the correct costs will thus appear
  • Supports user defined number of copies required per individual return. Copies per return are: original, tax invoice, file copy and can be printed in any user defined sequence.
  • Supports printing returns immediately after they are created or later using the print queue window where powerful grouping options are available.
  • Supports emailing a return to debtors with valid email addresses.
  • Has a preview window for viewing the completed return and optionally exporting it to file in almost any format.
  • Completed returns can be recalled and edited.
Receive payments Cheques, EFT's and cash. Support for the splitting of a single payment to multiple debtor accounts. Optionally prints a bank deposit slip. Receiving payments is subject to permission settings.
Front Counter Cash Receipts Cash only receipts from the front counter. Receiving cash payments is subject to permission settings. Make up cash and optionally print a bank deposit slip.
Apply payments to cases
Cases must be made paid. Applying payments is subject to permission settings. Very visual and user friendly window. Manual (individual selected cases) or automatic (from the oldest until credit funds run out) crediting supported. Un-credit a single case or a batch of cases supported. Delete payment and transfer payment to another debtor supported. Pay out any fraction of a payment to a debtor supported (as when case costs adjusted after a dispute and case was already paid). Very powerful.
Month End Statements Three statement styles are provided for month end statements as well as options for sorting, including/excluding payments received and including/excluding cases that were made paid during the month. Messages (defined by you) can optionally appear on statements. Statements can be sent to the screen viewer where they can be exported in any file format to other applications, or to the printer, or the email sub system. When sent by email, the attached statement will be in .pdf format.
Enquiry System A floating window that can be accessed from most of the other commonly used windows without closing them. Therefore, handling an enquiry does not mean that you have to exit whatever you are busy with. This window can stay open behind other windows, or minimized on the task bar until it is needed. It's job is to provide tools to quickly launch a debtor account enquiry, or a specific case enquiry.
Dispatching System Can be turned on or off. If turned off then Sheriff SQL automatically takes care of dispatching. If turned on you basically have your own post office and are responsible to dispatch returns manually. If turned on, dispatching returns is subject to permission settings.
Commission System
The commission system is based upon what percentage of a cost item is withheld. If 100% is withheld then no commission is payable on that item. If anything less than 100% is withheld then commission is payable on the non withheld percentage of that item. The deputy receives commission subject to the withhold setting of each cost item and their commission percentage setting. Some clever Sheriffs have discovered that if you pay the deputies 100% commission and setup the cost items withhold percentages differently, it has everything to do with how you pay commission. This makes our commission system extremely flexible - and suitable for any office. The following example illustrates the calculation logic if a deputy receives 30% commission and a cost item has a 0% withhold setting:
  • Cost item = R100. Withhold percentage set to 0%
  • Deputy can get commission on R100 of the R100 (nothing is withheld)
  • Deputy is paid 30% commission, so gets 30% of R100 = R30
And this example show the difference when 50% is withheld:
  • Cost item = R100. Withhold percentage set to 50%
  • Deputy can get commission on R50 of the R100 (50% is withheld)
  • Deputy is paid 30% commission, so gets 30% of R50 = R15
Commission Sharing System Commission sharing becomes necessary when two or more deputies work on the same case and require to share the commission. Commission can be shared as a percentage of the commission payable on the case. Every case has ONE deputy assigned to it and this deputy is the OWNER of that case. Even though more than one deputy can work with the case, it will always have just ONE OWNER. The name of this deputy appears on the returns, queries etc. The OWNER is the deputy responsible for handling of the case, and is the one held accountable for it. When another deputy shares in the commission payable on the case (and before sharing percentages are taken into account), the full commission payable on that case is calculated according to the settings of the OWNER deputy. Deputies sharing in that commission get their allocated percentage slice. An easy to use window allows you to set the sizes of the percentage slices.
Integrated Letters Letters are created using templates. Templates define the content, layout and formatting of a letter. They are created and edited using the Template Editor. Each letter is bound to a case and is available for editing/viewing/printing or emailing during an enquiry on the specific case. Letters are always printed using a letterhead which Sheriff SQL builds from installation information as in the example below.
Forms We are continuously adding forms to out Internet database. You can import these forms into the Form Editor, and/or create your own forms. Forms are not letters. They don't use templates, have no prompts, and do not integrate with case data in any way. They contain fixed text and formatting only.
Reports The reports window is divided into three tabs to group the types of reports logically. There are Routine reports. Month End reports and Yearly reports.
Other Windows And Features System Settings
Anytime Statements
District Settings
Machine Settings
Inter District Search
Month End
Undo Last Month End
Pay VAT To ROR (receiver of revenue)
Send A Network Message
Bound Letters Browser
Sent Emails Browser
Send Mass Email To Debtors
Write Off Debtor Accounts
Re-age Debtor Accounts
Credit And Debit Notes
Fix Basic Errors
Append A Cost To A Non Return
Delete Cases
Transfer Cases To Another Debtor
Deputy Book In System
Transfer Cases Between Deputies
Types Of Cases
Cost Groups
Party Titles
Cost Description List
Served In Terms Of List
Print Envelopes
Print Labels
Change Your Password
Suspend The System
Download The Latest Update
View Your Statement
Read Online Notifications
Online Activation Facility We have an online activation facility where you can pay your monthly hire fee by credit or debit card.

Advanced Features

Trust Account Application
Whatever goes in must go out. Trust Account keeps track of the transactions as they happen. Closely integrated with the debtor accounts and their cases. Has all the features you would expect and includes detailed reporting.

iAuction Application
iAuction is a stand-alone auction package. It administers auctions - any type of auction. Quickly an efficiently. Owners, stock, buyers, transactions, payments, reports (and much more). You'll have the best auction software in the business. iAuction was developed over many years together with some of the top auctioneers in South Africa. You get the smartest, fastest, friendliest and best auction software for your PC or laptop. It's all there!

Cashbook Application
Cashbook is a very straight forward and easy to use application that help you keep track of income and expenses. It's not an accounting package by any means, but it does the job it was designed to do without fuss and bloat.

Distribution Awards Utility
This software can make complicated distribution awards as easy as 1-2-3.

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