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About Sheriff Desktop
In late 2008 we realized that the Sheriff's needed a software package to take them into the future. Our popular Sheriff Access software that was available at that time used technology that was not all that reliable, and aging quickly. After carefully considering our options we settled on building a new Sheriff product from the ground up based on Windows architecture and using a MySQL database for data storage.
This has proved to have been an excellent choice of technologies. In the meantime MySQL has been acquired by Oracle, but Oracle have not changed the free recipe, as everybody thought they would. The MySQL Community Server can still be acquired from them under their GPL license. This is a database engine of immense power, stability and flexibility, and can handle enormous workloads without a hiccup. It is also ideal for remote Internet connectivity, where it is completely at home. It is basically immune to load shedding!
Sheriff Desktop History
After incarnation 3, each incarnation kept, and improved on the best features of the previous one.
Where we are today
Today we still listen to what our sheriff's want, and together we make it work. New features are continuously being added, and existing features get upgraded and refined. Extensive use is made of the Internet. We support and train our sheriffs using WhatsApp and TeamViewer. We still issue software updates at no additional cost.
The sheriff's use software like TeamViewer and AnyDesk to work remotely from anywhere when there is no load shedding.
How to get Sheriff Desktop

Download and install TeamViewer. Alternatively, run your already installed TeamViewer app. When you have it running phone us on 082 565 0258 and give us the ID and password we need to remotely connect to your computer. It's as easy as that. We'll install Sheriff Desktop for you at NO cost. After a period of 30 days you will decide if you want to use it. You are under NO obligation to use or pay the software. We will honour that promise at all times. In the unlikely case that you don't want it, you can simply uninstall it.

Is it working for you yet?

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