SQL Cloud Service

Optional Add-on for sheriff sql

Developed by Pro Systems and Pro Software, SQL Cloud Service is an optional add-on package for Sheriff SQL. It extends parts of your local database into the cloud. It then presents to your debtors and deputies the functionality to access the cases on their accounts.

The package features five components:
A desktop application called Sheriff Website Manager.
Storage on our secure private cloud servers for your database.
A customizable secure and responsive website.
A browser based application called Data Service.
A browser based application called Deputy Service.
website manager

We promised we'd take you into the future.
Cloud computing without downtime !!

Sheriff Website Manager
Appropriately called Sheriff Website Manager, this app runs minimized on the taskbar when Sheriff SQL starts up. Obviously, it requires a live Internet connection. It is primarily responsible to keep cloud data synced with local data. This magic happens using background worker threads to do the heavy processing, a technology developed for Microsoft .Net™ applications. It does this at all times. It can't be shut down whilst Sheriff SQL is running. Neither can it be stopped. Sheriff SQL operators continue working exactly as always. There is nothing special they must do and nothing different they will see. Whatever they change locally also changes remotely. They don't lift a finger to make it happen. Should the Internet connection break NOTHING is lost. Changes are queued and will happen when the connection becomes live again.
Cloud database sync's without
user intervention !
Apart from it's primary task of syncing the databases, Sheriff Website Manager has the following six user functions:
Click the links below to see more detail on each function.
  1. Page Content Editor
  2. Define a background picture for the site
  3. Define the home page main picture
  4. Debtor Management
  5. Publish movable or immovable auctions created with iAuction or iAuction Professional to the site.
  6. Configure Sheriff SQL mail settings to use the site's own SMTP server for sending mail
Your database will live on one of our secure virtual private servers. We control the server and everything on it. There is no limit to the size of your database. We do not restrict the number of connections or the amount of bandwidth used by connections. Everything is included.
The Website
Because we are website resellers (meaning we supply and host websites) we create a website for you, ensure that it's URL is unique, register it on the www (world wide web), and configure it. The website is not for bells and whistles! It's absolutely required, reason being it hosts a browser based application used by your debtors called Data Service. But that's just for use by your debtors. A website also needs a public interface that:
  • Looks and feels polished so as to enhance the professional image of a sheriff.
  • Is secure, so it must have an SSL certificate. The public don't trust http sites anymore.
  • Is responsive. Most visitors will be using mobile devices.
  • Is informative and, above all, is actually useful.
  • Last but not least - must be user customisable.
We created a default site that conforms to the above requirements and give it to you as part of this package.
Click HERE to see the website of Sheriff White River, which demonstrates how the website appears. This is a real live site with a proper SSL certificate.
Data Service
Data Service logo This is a browser based application used by your debtors to access the cases on their account. It exists on the website. What a debtor can see and access depends on the permission status you set for that account. Debtors have nothing to install. They can use any Internet enabled device that has a browser. The application is cross platform compatible so even iPhones, Mac computers and other Unix based OS's can use it. They access the app using a hyperlink that they get when receiving email from you. The hyperlink is unique and secure for each debtor and allows Data Service to identify them. They then have to login to their accounts using a password that they themselves create. Data Service allows the debtor to:
  • Query Their Cases
    Of course, they can only see their own cases. That is cast in stone. They can find cases using one of six options and a parameter. Found cases are listed with limited detail but have links to access full case detail.
  • See Case Detail
    When case detail is shown they can see most of everything that will be important to them. The good stuff is arranged into four tabs:
    • Detail. As the name implies, this tab holds important detail regarding the case.
    • Costs. If the case has costs those costs are displayed in detail.
    • Content. If the case is a return then this tab contains the return content. This is the one they will want to see most of all. It is thus possible for a debtor to see the result of a served case just seconds after it was created. Not even email is that fast!
    • Related. Lists cases with the same case number as the one being displayed. They can "drill down" on the other cases. This open's a new tab showing that's case's detail.
  • See their Provisional Statement
    Shows the current status of their account.
Below are some screenshots of Data Service running in a browser.

More information about Data Service ...
Apart from access permissions discussed in Debtor Management above, debtors need query credits to in order to see the content of their returns when they do a case detail query. One case detail query = one query credit. All other types of queries are free. When a debtor logs in to their account for the first time they get 50 free query credits once off. This means they can see a case detail page 50 times for free. Thereafter they need to purchase query credits @ R0.50 per query credit. This is not to make money out of them. It is to cover your cost of the Sheriff Website Manager software, the website, and the bandwidth used.
Deputy Service
Data Service logo This is also a browser based application and it's used by your deputies to access their non return cases. They will most probably use it on their mobile phones or a tablet. It costs them nothing. We are sure they will find the functions very easy to use. The 'Manage' function allows them to provide feedback to debtors and office staff. The 'Bookin' function allows them to bookin their cases and print a Bookin Report. This they use when they hand their served cases back to the office to avoid problems with 'lost' documents etc.

Below are some screenshots of Deputy Service running on a mobile phone.
Infrastructure Requirements
We do require a minimum infrastructure. This is to avoid problems on your side as well as ours. Only Sheriff's having the following minimum infrastructure will qualify to use this package:
  • Operating System
    Applies to the Sheriff SQL server machine only. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft, so we would not be happy to install cloud based software on a production machine running this OS. Windows 8 is acceptable and will handle the software, but it remains unpopular. We'll call Windows 10 with a minimum of 8GB internal memory as being the required operating system.
  • Internet Connection
    A slow throttled 4mbps uncapped ADSL connection is not going to cut it. Neither will a mobile dongle connection. A minimum requirement is an unthrottled connection of at least 10mbps. Whether the connection is ADSL, wireless or fibre is immaterial. You can test your connection speed HERE. Anything less than 9 mbps (download) and 4 mbps (upload) is unacceptable.
If your office conforms to the above requirements and you'd like to add Sheriff Website Manager to your system, please contact us on 082 565 0258 for more information and pricing.

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